Digital Artefact: WTF is that?

So you may be wondering what a digital artefact is? Don’t worry, so was I (OK I’m still trying to get my head around it). Before I explain what (I think) it is, I should start with the fact that this semester at uni, I’m taking DIGC335: Cybercultures. The main focus of this subject is to analyse, question and consider the ‘presence and use of computers and networks in all aspects of contemporary social life. It includes the everyday experience of networked digital technologies and the many possible futures that technologies can contribute to making a reality.’ (thanks Chris, took this straight from Moodle).

This subject is largely focused around the creation of a digital artefact (a big project in which we research, criticise, have a few mental breakdowns) and ultimately produce a high quality piece of work. So what topic could I possibly choose to capture my attention, creativity and spark curiosity for an entire semester?

VLOGGING & TRAVEL. For anyone who knows me, I have a passion for travel and have my own blog, YouTube channel & Instagram account for my site. Telling stories from my travels has always been something that intrigues me, and when I discovered the world of YouTube, I was stunned by amount of YouTubers who daily travel vlog. Yep – film and capture EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THEIR LIVES, edit and upload. I became absorbed by their lavish world of travel, excitement and adventure.

But slowly I’ve seen YouTubers fall apart. Couples breaking up, people quitting daily vlogging, taking time off, disconnecting…. but why? They may give us a simple answer, but I think it’s much more complicated and entrenched in our consumeristic society. I think it highlights aspects of identity, what it means to be a good person, what it means to travel, technology, sponsorships, sustainability, influence, interaction and community… and I think I’ve only touched on a few surface issues here.

So that’s what I want this project to be. A series of blogs and vlogs that examine, explore and investigate the seemingly wonderful world of travel vloggers, communities and YouTube and find out what’s REALLY going on.


YouTube: Adelaide Haynes (A Worldly Addiction)

Instagram: @aworldlyaddiction




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