Why Am I Interested in Travel Vlogging?

By this stage – you may be wondering why I chose the topic of daily travel vlogging. I’ve got a bit of a story as to why, so I thought it was valuable enough to share.



I’m lucky enough to have travelled across Europe (twice), Asia and North America (with Central America next on my list). For anyone that’s travelled, they can agree that it’s an exciting and challenging experience. It’s also an experience where we take hundreds, if not thousands of photos. Leading up to all of my trips overseas, I’ve always ensured I’ve had a suitable camera to capture all of those little moments. But isn’t it strange that only about 5% of those photos will ever make it to social media?

Travel and capturing your travel experience is something that I’ve always participated in. Not only is the travel incredible, but the ability to go back and reflect on your memories, photos and experiences, keeps the adventure of your travel alive.

IMG_8309 (1)

Vlogging & YouTube

I was a late bloomer when it came to YouTube, only getting addicted in January 2016. I somehow stumbled across Fun For Louis’ YouTube channel and was instantly hooked. A man, living the dream, traveling the world, meeting new people, and travelling to a new country every week. As a uni student struggling to pay rent, with a severe case of wanderlust, it’s easy to see how easily I was drawn into the YouTube world of travel vlogging.


In June 2016, I started my own YouTube Channel, ‘A Worldly Addiction’ following on from my travel and lifestyle blog of the same name. In this time I have created travel videos, vlogs, lifestyle and fashion videos and have absolutely loved the entire process of vlogging and creating content. My YouTube channel has been a way for me to meet and connect with like minded people across the globe and it’s something I’m super proud of. I guess watching travel vloggers inspired me and made me think that their lifestyle is an achievable possibility for someone like me.

I created the following video expalining why I create content online

Through YouTube, I was quickly introduced to the daily travel vlogger ‘elite.’ Fun For Louis, Ben Brown, Casey Neistat, Erik Connover, Lost Le Blanc, just to name a few. They all knew one another and would often travel together. I guess it’s just another way that YouTube gets you hooked.

When I was studying abroad in Canada, I came across a YouTube festival called BufferFest, a short film festival to celebrate YouTubers. When I saw that all of my favourite YouTubers were attending, I bought my ticket and booked my trip to Toronto.

You can see my experiences at BufferFest below.

Not only did I get to meet new and exciting people, but I came face to face with some of my idols. And they were genuinely incredible people who took interest in my life and took the time to chat. As amazing as the above experiences were, I couldn’t help but notice how they would ‘switch’ into vlogging mode. How their cameras were an extension of their body, always in hand, around their neck, in their pocket or hanging from a belt. What made it even more strange, was when a group of vloggers were all vlogging the same thing, in the same room. Was it really necessary? Why were they all doing it? When did they get to share a moment off camera?

Then, Casey Neistat quit vlogging… and I was in total and complete disbelief. How? Why? No! You can refer to the following link for more info.  Not only was I upset that one of my favourite YouTuber’s quit vlogging, but I was upset at how upset I was. I didn’t know this person, yet I felt I knew everything about him and that we were best friends. I no longer watched his videos every morning and it honestly felt like someone had died.

This sparked me to question how it is we get so attached to daily vloggers. How do we form this strong bond and connection through a screen? Is the idea of daily travel vlogging achievable? And if so, how long? How is it sustainable? How is it affecting relationships? Travel patterns? The list was endless…. maybe this travel vlogging life wasn’t the life I thought it was.


And what about now? Is this lifestyle something I want to pursue, to chase and work towards? I’m not so sure anymore. But this is the reason I decided to deconstruct the idea of ‘daily travel vlogging.’ It is something that has inspired me over the past 2 years, but it has also made me question the motives, challenges and reasons why people vlog and create themselves as a brand on YouTube.


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