Quitting Daily Travel Vlogging

The dreaded title and thumbnail that every fan girl out there dreads… I’M QUITTING YOUTUBE. Within the past few months, we’ve seen the rise and fall of many of our favourites. Even PewDiePie threatened to leave the platform with over 50million subscribers.

2015 CFDA Fashion Awards - Arrivals

“Brand revenue and business opportunities are flooding into the influencer space from the video and display advertising markets. By its nature, daily vlogging is not a scaleable business model, and once a creator has developed an engaged audience, there are much more valuable opportunities for the creators to pursue.” (Popper, 2016)

Whilst financial reasons and brand revenues can influence a YouTuber’s decision to quit vlogging, there are several other reasons (all mentioned in the vlogs below). The pressure to constantly perform, be switched on, edit, download, upload, capture, share (not just on YouTube but all social media platforms – the rise of Instagram stories highlights the constant pressure to upload), the stress on personal relationships, on professional networks, personal development and just needing to take some time to yourself. Daily vlogging means every single day. Not many people work 7 days a week and whilst these creators are living what we call the dream, the harsh reality of producing daily content is all too much for some.

Casey Neistat Quits. 

Sawyer Hartman jokes about quitting.

Sawyer Hartman actually quits

Ben Brown 

Some ‘truly believe that Vlogging is the future of media consumption and it wont take long for the wave to come rolling in’, however we’ve already seen some of the big guys hang up the camera. One things for sure, people will continue to travel, and they’ll continue to create content. And the ways the capture and share their adventures is certainly going to continue evolving and changing, bringing with it exciting opportunities and the potential of dangerous consequences.


Popper, B 2016, ‘Why YouTube’s Biggest Stars Keep Quitting’, The Verge, 29 November, viewed 30 May 2017, https://www.theverge.com/2016/11/29/13776894/pewdiepie-quit-casey-neistat-vlog-youtube-vloggers


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